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Best Christian Shop Faith Based Products are a Breath of Fresh Air in a Contemporary World

In today's contemporary world it can be difficult for the Christian and Jewish communities to find books, videos and jewelry that truly celebrate their faith and their heritage. Reverend Jim Taylor saw the need in his community and, led by the hand of God, launched Best Christian Shop. Best Christian Shop is dedicated to helping families find the latest in Christian e-books, Christian shoes, Christian clothing and one of a kind Christian, Jewish and Holy Land gifts at budget friendly prices through their websites, Best Christian Shop.com and Best Christian-eBooks.com.

"We insist that our designers have only the finest Christian, Jewish and Holy Land gifts that allow you to show-off your inimitable style while giving you the opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ," says Rev. Taylor of their unique collection of products, "[and because] Best Christian Shop [and Best Christian-eBooks are] a family based small business…[we] offer the hottest products at reasonable prices."

Best Christian Shop.com isn't your typical Christian merchandise supplier. As children many of us learned that the Christian community must be a witness of our faith.  The very first products Best Christian Shop.com put on the market were an exclusive collection of trendy Christian shoes designed to help today's Christian walk and talk the gospel of Christ with their own fun, funky style.

"Romans 10:15 [tells us] ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news," states Rev. Taylor. "This verse from the New Testament was the foundation of [our] company."

Since its September 2008 launch Best Christian Shop.com has continued to grow rapidly, expanding its selection of products to include other faith based apparel, as well as fun, trendy products for the Christian biker and one of a kind, handcrafted Jewish and Holy Land gifts, including anointing oils, olive wood carvings, Mother of Pearl jewelry and the popular Dead Sea beauty products collection.

As a recent addition to their collection Best Christian Shop.com also offers a collection of beautiful books and artwork from child prodigy Akiane, a young woman who at the age of 13 is already being heralded as one of the most accomplished visual artists in the world.

"I have been blessed by God," says Akiane when talking about her prodigious talents, "and if I'm blessed there is one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others."

Less than a month ago Reverend Taylor stepped into the spotlight once again with the launch of Best Christian E-books.com, a collection of over 130,000 contemporary Christian titles available for download directly to your computer. Their extensive library includes titles such as "Christian Financial Freedom," "Save the Marriage…Even if Only You Want To" and "The Simple Golf Swing." Mailing list subscribers also have access to free e-books, along with regular updates on new products from Best Christian E-books.com.

"God desires all Christians to have an abundant life now on earth and to live their lives more abundantly," affirms Rev. Taylor. "I wanted to give Christians a place to come with resources to help them to enrich and improve their lives."

Rev. Taylor adds, "It's not about us [here]. It's all about God."

For more information contact Rev. Jim Taylor at 209-358-5683 or via email at bestchristianshop@clearwire.net and visit us on the web at www.bestchristianshop.com and www.bestchristian-ebooks.com.

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